Fishery District Committees

  • What is involved in participating as a member of a Fishery District Committee?

The fishery district committee meets before the start of the commercial salmon fishing season to discuss and advise the CEO or designated person, in this case the River Basin District Director, on the division of the total allowable catch surplus (quota) for Salmon for those rivers and estuaries that are open to commercial fishing in that District in the coming salmon season. The division relates to the split between the commercial fishermen and rod and line anglers.

  • What is expected of the members?

Each member is expected to represent the sector they have been nominated in and to communicate decisions to their stakeholder group. Each member has an opportunity to contribute to discussions and the decision making process. Ultimately the final decision rests with the Director, as nominated by the CEO.

  • How many meetings are held and where?

There is one guaranteed meeting and possible further meetings should they be warranted. The meetings are generally held in one of the premises of Inland Fisheries Ireland.

  • Are travel expenses paid for these meetings?

No travel or mileage expenses are paid in respect of serving on this committee. The representation of any member is voluntary and at their own cost.

  • How many members are there on the committee?

A fishery district committee shall consist of -

  • (a) such persons as the CEO of IFI or such other Officer of IFI nominated by the CEO considers appropriate and who are representative of commercial fishermen, salmon rod anglers and rated occupiers in the fishery district of the committee and who in total number not more than 8, and
  • (b) a representative of An Bord Iascaigh Mhara nominated by it, appointed annually for a period of 12 months by IFI.