Code of Business Conduct for Employees

All employees of Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) are required, as a condition of employment, to ensure that they have read and comply with the Code of Business Conduct for Employees. This Code of Business Conduct does not affect obligations under the legislation underpinning the employment or other relevant legislation e.g. Equality Act, Ethics in Public Office acts, Data Protection Acts etc. It is essential that we continue the ethical business practices our customers and business stakeholders have learned to expect.


Purpose of the Code

Inland Fisheries Ireland is widely regarded throughout the communities in which it operates for its honesty, fairness and business integrity, all of which are vital to the overall success of the organisation. To maintain this high reputation it is incumbent on all employees to conduct themselves in a manner that does not adversely reflect on IFI.

It is now common practice for larger organisations to introduce a formal Code of Business Conduct that provides guidance to employees in recognising and resolving the ethical and legal issues they encounter in conducting the organisation’s business. It is also a legal requirement for all State Bodies, such as IFI to have such a Code.

IFI aspire to be honest and ethical in all of their operations and dealings and to adhere to the highest accepted standards of corporate governance in all their financial and management practices and to behave responsibly towards the health, safety and welfare of their employees, customers, stakeholders and the environment.

Every employee is responsible for their own personal conduct and while this Code provides guidance and standards on the type of business conduct required by IFI, common sense and good judgment should be applied to all situations.

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default IFI Code of Business Conduct for Employees (127 KB)