Inland Fisheries Ireland Board Members

Fintan Gorman, Chairperson

Fintan GormanFintan Gorman gained extensive managerial and organisational experience over the years from his role as Principal of St. Joseph’s National School, Cong, County Mayo prior to retirement, and his involvement in Boards of Management, community projects and his local angling club, which he established, while pursuing a high level of professional development.


Martin McEnroe

Martin McEnroeMartin McEnroe was a member of the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board (ShRFB) for twenty years and has been involved in numerous projects both locally and nationally, having served on Board Sub-Committees such as the Audit Sub-Committee, Eel Sub-Committee and Shannon Restoration Sub-Committee. For the eight year life of the National Salmon Commission (NSC) Martin was actively involved in the restructuring of both commercial and rod fisheries which involved advising the Minister and his Department on the formation of national policies.

He has been Chairman of the Upper Shannon Trout and Coarse Fish Development Society, a member of the National Eel Review Group and is currently an active member of the Angling Council of Ireland (ACI), the European Angling Alliance (EAA) and the Salmon and Sea trout Recreational Anglers of Ireland (SSTRAI).

Niall Greene

Niall GreeneNiall Greene chairs the Board of Salmon Watch Ireland Limited and is a member of the Shannon, Mulkear and District Anglers Association and of the Tralee and District Anglers Association. He is a former member of the executive of the Federation of Irish Salmon and Sea Trout Anglers. He was instrumental in bringing together the three national game anglers federations to form Stop Salmon Drifts Nets Now in 2004 and chaired the board during the 2004/7 campaign. In 2012 he was elected co-chair of the NGO Group at the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation (NASCO) and has held a position on Inland Fisheries Ireland’s National Inland Fisheries Forum since 2011.

Frances Lucy

Frances LucyDr. Frances Lucy is Head of the Department of Environmental Science and Director of CERIS, the Centre for Environmental Research Innovation and Sustainability at the Institute of Technology, Sligo. Her main research interests are aquatic invasive species, fisheries science and water quality. Frances is Chair of the Environmental Sciences Association of Ireland (ESAI) and is also involved in a range of environmental forums in both Europe and North America.

Patrick Gibbons

Patrick GibbonsMr. Patrick Gibbons is an objective full-time Non-Executive Director. He is a commercial lawyer with experience on the board of a life and pensions insurer, and chairman of its audit committee. He is a member of the Board of the National Treatment Purchase fund and has  15 years experience at senior executive level having been in charge of the compliance and legal functions of a number of leading financial services regulated entities encompassing enterprise risk management, corporate governance and regulatory relationships.

Sean Coady

Sean CoadySean Coady first joined the Fisheries Service in 1978 with the Board of Conservators in Galway before transferring to the Western Regional Fisheries Board in 1980. He remained with the Western Board until 1985 before availing of a career break to travel and explore other work opportunities abroad. Since returning he has spent fourteen years as a Fisheries Officer with the Northern Regional Fisheries Board in County Donegal before re-locating to his present position of Assistant Inspector with IFI based in the Connemara District. His main focus is centred on fisheries and environmental conservation with a view to ensuring that Inland Fisheries Ireland is properly resourced both logistically and legislatively to fulfil all of its functions. IFI staff voted on 28th October 2015 to elect Sean as a worker representative in line with section 13 of the Inland Fisheries Act, 2010. In line with the provisions of the 2010 Act, Minister of State McHugh appointed Mr. Coady to the Board for a five year term with effect from 17th November, 2015.

Bernadette Orbinski Burke

Bernadette Orbinski BurkeBernadette Orbinski Burke is a chartered accountant with twenty three years senior financial management experience in a number of large organisations including the international medical emergency aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres. Ms Orbinski Burke has substantial Board experience ranging from large international Boards to smaller national Boards. She has had extensive involvement in managing change in organisations and is experienced in identifying and managing risk. Ms Orbinski Burke has also held membership of Board sub-committees which included chairing an international Finance Directors Group and membership of a governance change management team.