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Inland Fisheries Ireland

Welcome to Ireland's dedicated state agency for protecting, managing and conserving Ireland's inland fisheries and sea angling resources.

illegal fishing nets, measuring 13,158 meters in total, were seized by Inland Fisheries Ireland on its patrols and inspections in 2020
34 km
instream rehabilitation has been done by Inland Fisheries Ireland in 2020
Atlantic bluefin tuna were caught, tagged, and released through the Tuna CHART scientific research fishery in 2020
Fisheries Officers in Donegal on board the Delta rib boat


Inland Fisheries Ireland is the Agency that has the statutory responsibility for the protection, development, and management of Ireland’s 74,000 km of rivers and streams together with 128,000 lake hectares. A coastal 12-mile jurisdictional limit is also included.
Barrier survey on the River Boyne.


Inland Fisheries Ireland carries out applied fisheries research to assess the conservation status of Ireland's fish species, to monitor fisheries stocks in inland and coastal waters and to explore environmental issues that have an impact on fish and their habitats.
Green bank reinforcement in Delphi, Co. Mayo

Conservation and development

Development activities carried out by Inland Fisheries Ireland
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Natural river corridor


Funding available through Inland Fisheries Ireland
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Educational talk to youths on fishing and rivers

Education and Outreach

Through learning we promote conservation, sustainability and encourage environmental stewardship.
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