Brown trout projects and publications

IFI research reports

Reports on stock surveys of brown trout fisheries can be accessed here.
For other surveys of lakes that are also wild brown trout fisheries, see also the WFD surveillance monitoring programme at
Reports on genetics research about wild brown trout populations can be accessed here.

Ferox Trout Project

Ferox trout are a type of large trout that are found in a small number of lakes, including Lough Corrib and Lough Mask. Ferox trout are genetically distinct from other types of brown trout. They are piscivorous, with an accelerated growth pattern, and are exceptionally long lived, often reaching 10+ years of age.
In 2005, IFI began capturing ferox trout in Lough Corrib and Lough Mask and releasing them with attached radio transmitters. The radio telemetry data from this study identified the spawning areas of ferox trout, thereby helping the development of conservation measures for this prized fish for trout anglers.
More information about this study can be found on the Ferox Trout Project page and its FAQs page.

Environmental River Enhancement Project

The Environmental River Enhancement Project (EREP) is a collaborative initiative in applied restoration ecology that aims to rehabilitate habitat in salmonid rivers that were subject to arterial drainage schemes since the 1940s.
Enhancement works designed and monitored by IFI are implemented by the OPW as part of their maintenance of drainage schemes. IFI also provide training in environmentally friendly drainage maintenance to OPW staff and conduct studies of the biodiversity and hydromorphology of drained channels.
Read more about this work at

Brown Trout in Ireland” book

“Brown Trout in Ireland” is a beautifully illustrated book that presents brown trout ecology and biology in a very readable, accessible style that should appeal to anglers and naturalists alike. The book’s superb photographs and excellent illustrations will appeal to anyone with an interest in this species.
This book can be ordered by going to the “Brown Trout in Ireland” page.