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Blue Shark

(Prionace glauca)

Blue shark


IUCN Red List Status

  • Ireland – Near Threatened
  • North east Atlantic – Near Threatened
  • Worldwide – Near Threatened


Blue Shark Description

The Blue shark is a long and slender shark, dark blue dorsally, bright blue on the sides and white on the belly.  They can reach over three meters long and feed largely on fish and other animals in the pelagic zone such as squid, smaller sharks and even sea birds.

Typically they occur in large aggregations which are often size and sex segregated. 

Blue sharks are viviparous, with females producing average litters of 35 live pups.

Pike management operations are only carried out on 7 lakes in Ireland. These are:

  • Loughs Corrib, Mask and Carra
  • Lough Conn and Cullen
  • Lough Sheelin
  • Lough Arrow

Netting operations on Cullen have been suspended pending an evaluation of new electrofishing techniques.

Map of managed pike lakes
A map showing where pike management operations are conducted

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