Update on the Bandon Flood Relief Scheme

The scheduled Bandon Flood Relief Scheme work programme for 2017 has now commenced on the River Bandon.

The Scheme consists of a combination of flood defences and dredging of the river bed to a level of 9.5 metres downstream of the Bandon weir (approximately 1.8m below the existing bed level) in the town and at a grade of 1/1000 until it reaches the existing bed level 3.6 kilometres downstream of the town. Approximately 150,000m3 of material will be dredged. New flood defences will also be constructed to contain flood water within the Bandon and Bridewell River as well as the Mill Stream.

Since July 2016, Inland Fisheries Ireland’s local representatives have attended meetings with the contractor (Wills Bros. Ltd), the Employer’s Representatives (Byrne-Looby |PH McCarthy) and Environmental Consultants to the Contractor (Rivus)  to review the specific methodologies proposed to undertake the works. While maintaining a positive approach to the Flood Relief Scheme, Inland Fisheries Ireland made proposals  in relation to the proposed methods of dredging, sediment management and solids level monitoring in order to minimise any potential negative impact on the habitat, fish and aquatic invertebrate populations of the river.

While there is some discolouration of the River Bandon expected downstream of the works, Inland Fisheries Ireland is reassured by Byrne-Looby |PH McCarthy that the Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) and agreed sediment management and solids monitoring  plans are being followed. Inland Fisheries Ireland will continue monitoring dredging works and will bring any non-compliance with the conditions set out  to the immediate attention of Byrne-Looby |PH McCarthy to ensure corrective measures are put in place; Inland Fisheries Ireland will use its statutory powers to deal with repeated or deliberate non-compliances.