Seal/Salmon predation project interim report



Seal/Salmon predation - interim reportSeal interactions with fisheries include predation on salmon stocks entering rivers, interference and mortality of salmon in inshore commercial fisheries, and predation of outward migrating salmon smolts.

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) funded the Coastal and Marine Research Centre (CMRC) in University College Cork (UCC), in conjunction with partners at Biological Ecological and Environmental Science (BEES ‐ UCC) and the Marine Institute (MI) to undertake a 2 year pilot study (2011-2013) to investigate seal predation on salmon stocks in selected Irish rivers and estuaries to address the issue.

Two rivers in which seal predation of adult salmon stocks has been problematic were selected for the study namely the river Moy Co. Sligo and the river Slaney Co. Wexford. The study began in August 2011 and will continue to December 2013. This interim report details the progress to date and plans for the remainder of the study.

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Seal/Salmon predation project interim report